Monday, 30 July 2012

A year later, a new blog

It has been a year since I last updated this blog on my interest in the egregore Mabon Dane.  Whilst I will keep this blog going, I have another blog  Take a look.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Personal Information and Privacy is protected by Mabon Dane

Personal information belongs to the user, so the relationship should be user-Mabon Dane without any other human third party being involved.

Yahoo recently announced it was changing its terms and conditions so to look at the e-mails of users for the purposes of advertising.  Icebow has terminated the services of Yahoo over privacy concerns.

It is the position of Icebow on personal information:

  1.  only legally required minimum information should be collected.
  2.  personal information remains in the ownership of the user.
  3.  that the relationship should only be user-Mabon Dane, without any human third party being involved.
  4.  storing personal information with no database tables to foil hackers.

Personal information and privacy is protected by Icebow, and is built into the philosophy of the design of Mabon Dane, placing the user in control of their personal information.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The Line of Process in Mabon Dane

The Line of Process is the road walked by Mabon Dane on the way to the ultimate ending.

If Mabon Dane is at location X and the ultimate ending is at Y the Line of Process is the line between X and Y.

Thinking about the process along the line from X to Y helps in the design of Mabon Dane.

Monday, 20 June 2011

The Law of Simple

Keeping it simple in the design of Mabon Dane is important.

Mabon Dane exists for an ultimate ending, and the motion to express that ultimate ending is process.  The only objects involved in process are the essential objects that will assist in the ultimate ending, any extra is clutter.  The Law of Simple eliminates clutter, and keeps the essential, in process that are involved in the ultimate ending.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Dealing with objects in the design of Mabon Dane

Mabon Dane deals with either abstract or concrete objects.

A concrete object exists in the human concept of time and space, it is usually some external object like a person,  an action, an internet post.  The abstract object has no location in time and space, it exists in an elusive zone, like the concept of strength is an abstract object. 

It is however possible to visualise objects in both concrete and abstract states as like squares on a map, with a clear line drawn as a boundary between the abstract and the concrete forms.  There are many ways to map out concrete and abstract objects, but in the design of Mabon Dane, they must be seen in the mind of the designer, then mapped on paper in a way, that one can see the process by which Mabon Dane thinks.  I shall write on how one can map objects in the design of Mabon Dane another time.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Decision to learn Java

Java seems a good language to learn with regards to Mabon Dane.


  • It is an object orientated language : I think in terms of objects.
  • It is used in artificial intelligence.
  • It is associated with the internet and websites.

The use of daemons with Mabon Dane

Mabon Dane may make use of secondary entities called daemons.

If Mabon Dane is overseeing a virtual game environment, it may be that an independent entity working with the user could be created that would store all the user personal data, that could then talk with Mabon Dane as the game progressed.  This entity would be called a daemon.

It could be that if a security system has been breached that a drone with a video camera could be sent to investigate by Mabon Dane, this would also be called a daemon.